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Preparing the Property

Preparation for the sale of your property can be very easy or very stressful and it can also be the difference between getting an average price and achieving exceptional return. Do not feel intimidated by the process as the choice is yours in what you choose to do.

Keep in mind that when you prepare your house for sale, ask yourself which house would capture your imagination and have you throwing your hand in the air at auction? It is okay to renovate your property to make it more attractive, but major renovations might not be cost or time effective, so if you are planning to sell your property as a renovator’s delight, you may choose to do nothing at all.

Below are some tips for you.


Most interested parties will make a quick drive past the property and make a judgment on what they see, so first appearances are very important. If people see a ramshackle house with blocked gutters, they will be estimating fixing up costs and might not even go inside. It is necessary to minimize the objections that prospective purchasers may have towards your property, by ensuring that it is detailed, thereby allowing buyers to focus on their emotional needs.


Worthwhile maintenance may be necessary e.g. painting, leaking taps, ripped fly screens or loose door handles. And don’t forget the little things, such as making sure all light fittings have working globes. It is important to act on these, so that buyers are not distracted from the salient selling features.

Clean up

Ensure that windows, walls and bench tops are clean and clear and that all rooms are uncluttered and tidy. Removing excess furniture can free up space as open houses can attract large crowds at times. Wardrobes and built-ins should be clean and tidy to suggest ample storage. Backyards should look appealing and easy maintain. If the shrubs are trimmed back, it will give the impression that the block is larger. The smell of dogs, cooking and cigarette smoke can linger in houses that are not properly aired and you can be fairly sure that a lot of people who, as soon as they walk in, smell the house and get turned off straight away. As well as opening the windows and using room fragrances, I recommend owners send their pets on a holiday.

Open houses

Flowers and other decorative can make a home appear more inviting but be sure to change the water regularly and remove any wilting flowers. Furniture hire can help to create a new look for the home and really add value to the property. People fall in love with the house and get carried away on auction day. Hiring furniture can cost anything from $100 a week for a few little things or more than $500 a week for a whole house in case of vacant premises. Combine furniture hire with the advice of a professional stylist and you will not only recoup the costs but will definitely make a return. If you are in the hands of a professional, anything they do will add value. Most sellers have seen how a property that is beautifully presented can really bring a premium at auction. A good stylist will charge about $100 an hour for advice, plus the cost of carrying out recommendations.

Make sure to take your pets out during inspections and allow your agent to deal with all purchaser enquiries. Vendors can make prospective buyers uncomfortable. Remember, what may seem like enthusiasm to you may appear as overly anxious to a buyer.


In all honesty, the number of buyers wishing to purchase quality properties may not vary that much throughout the year. However, it is generally thought that the placing of your property on the market should be avoided between the 20th December and the 10th January as prospective buyers are busy attending to the festive season.

Disclaimer: This information has been compiled from sources we consider reliable.  However, we cannot guarantee its accuracy and interested persons should rely on their own investigations or contact their legal representatives.