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Residential tenancies are a highly legislated area of real estate and are governed by the Residential Tenancies Act. You have been provided with a copy of your Tenancy Agreement and we urge you to take the time to read this document as it contains information about the legislation that will impact upon your tenancy.

Office Hours and Contact Information

Central Sydney Realty Property Management department is open Monday to Friday from 9:00am until 5:00pm.

Rent Payments

All rent payments are to be remitted into our account in accordance with the amount and due dates that are stipulated in your tenancy agreement.
We expect that your responsibilities as a tenant will be met, with special reference to the payment of your rent. We expect payments are made each and every time that they fall due. Please contact your property manager if you have any problems with this or other issues regarding your rental commitments.
At Central Sydney Realty, our policy is a no tolerance for rental arrears and our Property Management Team are instructed to handle arrears in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act.
You must ensure that your rent payment is in our account on the day that it falls due, EFT payments must be remitted from your account before 2:00pm on the due day.

Account Details

The bank account details relevant to your tenancy can be found in your lease agreement. Always ensure your property’s EFT reference is used to enable us to correctly credit your payments to the correct account. Penalties may apply for not listing the correct reference.

Condition Report

You have been provided with a copy of the property Condition Report that has been completed by your Property Manager prior to your tenancy. Please complete, sign and return to our office within 7 days of the tenancy commencement date, as required by the Residential Tenancies Act.

Connection of Utilities

As a tenant, you are required to connect the property’s utilities in your name, and pay for the connections and usage. You will be required to connect utilities such as, but not limited to electricity, phone, internet, Foxtel and gas. These services are to be billed in your name.
Where TV antennas or Foxtel dishes are not installed or connected, connection and installation of antennas and dishes is a tenant”s responsibility.
Where phone lines are not connected, connections of telephone lines are a tenant”s responsibility.
Your Property Manager can assist in arranging connection through a connection agency service which is free of charge to you.

Water Usage (if applicable)

Where properties are individually metered, tenants are responsible to pay for their water usage. Each quarter, your Property Manager will forward a copy of the Sydney Water bill and an invoice from Central Sydney Realty for the metered charge.
Your water usage payment is to be made within 21 days from receipt of the account. Payment of this account should be paid separately from your rent, into the same trust account.

Strata By-Laws (if applicable)

If you are leasing a property within a Strata Scheme, you will be obliged to comply with the Strata Scheme’s By-Laws, as are the occupants of each lot within the strata development.
A copy of the relevant strata by-laws will be provided as a part of your Residential Tenancy Agreement.

Repairs and Maintenance

Repairs and maintenance requests should be sent to your Property Manager via our website, email, in writing, to enable records to be maintained.
Maintenance or repair requests should describe the issue as accurately as possible, providing all relevant details and photos (if possible) so that your requirements can be clearly understood by the tradesmen.
Emails will be responded to promptly and maintenance or repair requests will be discussed with the landlord for instructions.
In cases of simple repairs and maintenance, such as light bulb replacement, we respect that tenants would remedy these issues themselves, when and where possible.

Maintaining your rental property

We expect that our tenants will maintain their rental property as if it were their own asset. We don”t expect you to undertake tasks that are the responsibility of the landlord, however we do ask that you familiarise yourself with your responsibilities as a tenant.
You are expected to keep the property clean and tidy both internally and externally by cleaning the property regularly and not allowing dirt and fallout to build up. Responsibilities cover things like lawns, gates, gutters, carpets, floor boards, mould, venting and airing and swimming pool where required.
You are expected to keep property maintained in a clean and tidy state throughout the tenancy and not just when routine inspections are taking place on the property.
You are expected to report any problems with the property immediately.

Routine inspections

Under the terms of the Residential Tenancy Act, we are permitted to conduct routine inspections no more than four times in any 12 months’ period.
Under our management contract it is our job to conduct a routine inspection after the initial 3-4 months of your lease term and then routinely every 6 months. The purpose of these inspections is to assess how the property is being cared for, and to identify any maintenance issues.
In accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act notice of at least seven days will be provided to you in writing before any routine inspection.
We would prefer that you are home during these inspections, but we understand that many tenants are unable to be there during office hours. In this case, we will use our office keys to access the property.

Moving Out

A formal vacating notice must be given to your Property Manager in writing and signed. Please refer to your lease for notice periods required for each circumstance.

Breaking a Tenancy Agreement

Please contact your Property Manager if you need to break your Tenancy Agreement. Your Property Manager will advise of your obligations around this process.