At Central Sydney Finance, we find solutions for those who are worth trying for. Due to our sincere care to our customers, we have done very well with outstanding outcome. Below are just a few to showcase our professional service.

Aged Customer

Customers are a couple. They have paid off their owner occupied property and they want to purchase an investment property with a high return on investment. Given that they are self-employed and they are both above 56 years old, there weren’t many choices. We chose one lender that suited them the best and assisted them get the loan to purchase the property.

Urgent Purchase

Customer called us with an urgent case as he and his father just signed a contract of sales without having a pre-approval. After gauging their financial ability, we confirmed that they are capable of borrowing 80% of the property value. Thus we applied the loan through the lender with the fastest turnaround time and best rate, and received the formal approval before the cooling off period expires.

Mortgage with LMI

Customers are a couple looking to purchase their first house. Since they don’t want to spend all their savings on the property, they’d rather pay lenders mortgage insurance (LMI) and pay it off slowly. Although paying LMI is inevitable, we have calculated different combinations to minimise the LMI premium for the customers while maintaining their ideal deposit level.